Decorative Wrought Iron Fencing Examples

3-Rail Deck Rail with Handrail

3-rail deck rail with handrail on top.

This 3-rail deck railing with the handrail on top serves as a beautiful safety rail for an upstairs balcony or patio deck. With the hand-hammered scrolls between the top 2 rails and the knuckles on alternating pickets you have a classical look.
3-Rail Fencing with Rings

3-rail with rings.

This 3-rail fencing uses rings between the top 2 rails and pickets to give a nice look to a yard fence.
3-Rail Fencing with Rings
3-Rail Mission Style Fencing

3-rail mission style fencing.

This 3-rail "mission-style" fencing gives some an added decorative look at the top of the fence without extra ornamental treatment.
Fencing on a Masonry Pony Wall

Simple view fencing on a masonry pony wall.

This short but effective fencing adds to the height of a climbable masonry wall with a nice looking, relatively simple wrought iron fencing application that discourages climbing over from either direction.
Fencing on a Masonry Pony Wall
Masonry Topper Fencing

Masonry topper fencing.

This wrought iron fencing tops the masonry wall to give a finished look to the area and discourages climbing over the wall.
View Fencing with Spears

View fencing with spears.

This simple but elegant view fencing uses spear tops on the pickets to provide a classical look while discouraging climbers. Our electrostatically applied polyurethane paint puts a plastic shield on the steel helping to protect it from both water and sun damage.
View Fencing with Spears
3-Rail Decorative Patio Railing

3-rail decorative patio railing.

The 3-rail decorative patio railing shows the fencing shaped around landscape boulders and securing the edge of a raised patio.
Simple View Fencing Arched by the Pickets

Simple view fencing arched by the pickets.

This fencing uses different height pickets to create an arched look. The spears on top discourage outsiders from climbing them.
Simple View Fencing Arched by the Pickets
3-Rail Ornamental Iron Deck Railing

3-rail ornamental iron deck railing with hand-hammered Italian scrolls.

Cropped Faux Decorative Balcony

Cropped faux decorative balcony.

Cropped Faux Decorative Balcony
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